Bake Sale

Sister T-REX had a Cheer Bake Sale. I helped organize it, MiiMii T-REX was our sponsor and host. The ladies made $300! Not bad for a afternoon.

I found these adorable Printable s, they were super helpful. Best part they were free!  If you are having a bake sale I highly recommend them, they really helped me make a plan and stay organized. While we did not use them all, having them was nice.

I made Rice Crispy Treats, Oreo pops, Cake balls, and No Bake cookies.

I used this recipe for my Rice Crispy Treats because she did all the work of converting everything for a Large cookie sheets worth.Plus she suggests that you do not refrigerate them to cool them and she was right. They were a hit! We sold out of those. They have been requested again.

Oreo Pops are so simple, I wish I had discovered them sooner. I think they would be excellent for birthdays or even as little gifts.  Simply put sucker sticks in the cream (I used double stuff to have more cream), Freeze, then dip in melted Chocolate candy melts, add sprinkles. Bam, Cute, Cheap, and Yummy treats.


The Cake balls are pretty simple too. They are not great for a bake sale, they melted. Daddy T-REX took them to work and sold them. I think they would be better for parties.

Now I must say with the no bake cookies I changed it up and used a different recipe then I normally do. I was told they were so creamy. I did add a extra cup of Oats. I was asked to make them again for the next bake sale.        


Overall we had a great day. Sold some yummy baked goods and made some Uniform money.

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