Happy Mother’s Day!

I have been a mother for 10 years now. I am always amazed by my children. My oldest is a grumpy tween, so hardly any love there right now. I know patience, understanding and when she is 30 she will love me more consistently 😂. Baby T-Rex loves me about 90% of the time, mostly because I can open bananas. We spent the day cleaning, rearranging the living room to fit my mother’s day gift from my Daddy T-Rex. A cute sectional that I have always wanted, but kids so I never went for it. A friend offered it to him for free, I could not say no to free!

We spent the evening with my mother in law who is practically my mother. We mowed, and helped her plant a tiny garden. Played in the back yard. Had a lovely dinner. The whole point of this story is Baby T-Rex gave us all a wonderful gift without even knowing it. This sweet boy has been in speech, we have been working with him. Sometimes it feels like the world is passing him by and he will never catch up. While we worked in the yard, he made fast friends with the neighbors. Introducing himself, showing his toys off, explaining what the toys do. This momma was in full tears, even miimii T-Rex was teary-eyed. By far the best mothers day gift I have ever received.

love, Momma T-REX


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