Summer is in full swing at the T-REX house. Kids are playing outside, all the chores are done for now, I am Swinging in the hammock as I type this. It is a lovely way to start the summer, Birds are singing, slightly chilly Oklahoma day. I could not ask for a better day to mentally prepare for the next few weeks. The Beginning always seams to be the busiest. Then we get lazy in July, and in August it is all about back to school. I have high hopes for this summer, science experiments, Library reading program, Camping, hiking, hopefully a little fishing, art and music. It is probably a little ambitious, but I really do not want the kids getting their lazy on this summer. I am sure at some point when it gets to hot we will be Netflix-ing and holding the couch down. Once it gets hot we loose the will to leave the house.

I am trying to meal plan, I always seem to have a hard time when I have to plan breakfast, lunch, and dinner too. We already mean plan for dinner, the kids eat school. Honestly I forget to eat about 90% of the time. Having a plan each day would probably be really good for me. I know my lack of eating habit is why I have such a hard time losing weight. Making the plan is hard when you have the kids who prefer processed foods, while my Husband and I like fresh.

Also Sister T-REX has a Birthday Friday, the 10! We are planning her favorite dinner. Tacos, then a solo trip with mom to the book store the next day. Birthday pictures in the book store. She has no idea. I am pretty excited. I hope she has a good time 🙂

Love, Momma T-REX


























Summer is in full swing. Porch sitting, birds singing, kids playing, swinging in the hammock as I write this. It is a chilly day for Oklahoma. Quite nice was to start the summer. Mentally preparing for the next few weeks. The beginning always seams to be the busiest, then we get lazy in July. August is all about getting ready for school.

I have high hopes for the summer, with science experiments, library time, museums, parks, hiking. There is a very good chance that we will end up Netflix-ing and holding down the couch. Once it gets hot we seam to loose the will to leave the house.

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