When we moved into our little house last year, there was lots of work to be done. There still, but that is part of home ownership. My absolute favorite part of our home is the front of the house. While it still needs to be painted badly, it has great bones. I adore the porch, when we were young and had no children we rented a house with a lovely porch. We sat on the porch every evening, that porch is probably one of my favorite memories. It was something we both wanted to have again. My husband has worked diligently in modifying the porch on our new home.

ylcsxuj684260069.jpgWhen we moved in there was a small hole in the porch, we discovered a family of magpies. My husband wanted to patch the whole up, it was not a priority for me. My rule for nature is if it is not bothering us and not destroying our space I say let it be. Of course they moved back in this spring. I enjoy laying in the hammock hearing that sweet little tweet tweet. Unfortunately we have lost two sweet little babies yesterday. Our cat got a hold of one, we put him back. The Momma would not care for him, then a second one started coming out of the hole.  Using something we put nudged him back in.  Then yesterday they both were off the porch.  Luck for us the children were not home to see this. A lesson in porch birds was learned, sometimes it is kinder to let the cat have a snack then try and save a baby bird.

Love, Momma T-REX

ASSHOLE CAT in Question

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