15, 16, 17 and a red dirt road

Day 15 is breakfast, most of the time I do not eat breakfast. Coffee however is a different story.  I have quit coffee many a times, but I always go back.

Day 15


Day 16 is Routine. This is my oldest dog, she is the sweetest ol chug around. Everyday we snuggle on and off. Words cannot explain how grateful I am for this girl.


Day 16

Day 17 is health. Health is something I have been working on. I need to buckle down a bit harder, I have lost over 25lbs.  I have a long way to go, but I am getting there. This might be the healthiest I have been and I could not be more grateful.

Day 17


Now the Red Dirt Road. Dirt roads have always been a relaxing, reminder of where I come from. Yesterday a cousin got married to her soulmate and I got to drive this beautiful road there.

red road

I am Grateful.


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