Day 21

Day 21 is nature. I choose a different “Nature”. Baby T-REX had dental work done, I’m not just talking about a few fillings. Poor kid went in just to get 4 fillings and ended up with 8 Caps. For two days he was miserable, which means we were miserable. I am one of those people who does not function well on little sleep, I become very mean. I had to juggle between 2 dental offices to get him something stronger. Then to top it off they acted like I was drug seeking. Well, I guess I was, I wanted relief for my child he was in so much pain. He screamed for the 2 days and tried to pull his own teeth out. The likelihood of getting him back to the dentist is very slim.

Nature, the most natural thing is for our babies is the desire to be held especially when they do not feel good. They do not understand why they don’t feel good just that Momma and Daddy can make it better. It is a natural drive for Momma’s to hold their babies and make everything better. Even when we can’t we hold them.



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