Two weeks in review

The past two weeks have been a rush for back to school. Last week We started CHEER, Baby T-REX had 8 caps put on his molars, Both T-REX Children had their eyes checked and of course they needed new glasses. Doctors appointments, Shots for Baby T-REX, Meeting with the school for his intake. Discussing his IEP, Which by the way is never fun. More CHEER, two days at the lake, two days of sunburn. Dinner with POP-POP T-REX, Sister T-REX went to a sleep over, then brought her friend over for her to stay.

GIRLS!!!! I am not sure how Moms do this all the time, I am exhausted.  They are baking Muffins. My Kitchen is a mess.


Next Week is looking more like our new normal, still busy but less crazy. CHEER, and back to school shopping.  I am excited to get them back in school and get myself a new routine established. The first few weeks will be hard getting Baby T-REX use to it. I am sure Sister will also need a few weeks to get use to Middle School, Band, CHEER.

Getting there.

Love mommatrex signoff

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