Watercolor Paint Tin

My latest craft project. I’ve talked about my Sister in-law before, how she paints with watercolors. She is getting ready for back to school. I decided to make her a little something she could fit in any purse and Paint whenever the mood struck.

If you like these tin covers, Please visit this site directly http://www.grafficalmuse.com/?p=1050
MOD PODGE to the rescue
tin 3
Finished Product

Love Altoids Tins! This was pretty quick and easy.

First I had Daddy T-REX Print these tin inserts. I have no idea where he found these. I am sure a google search and they could easily be found.

Then I spray painted the Tin with white primer. Printed the cute paper covers and cut them out.  Like any crafty Momma I went for MOD PODGE. I painted MOD PODGE on the tins and paper, making sure there were no air bubbles. Let those dry then added a spray clear coat. Filled the 3D printed inserts with paint I had on hand and let them Dry.

She was very happy with the final product. Now I am working on a small notebook to go with it.

Love mommatrex signoff


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