Preparing for the new normal never goes as planned. The T-REX household is a hot mess. Sister T-REX is practicing CHEER 3 times a week and practicing her Clarinet. Baby T-REX is extra clingy. Our plumbing is having issues, as everyone with children knows water issues don’t mix well with children. This Momma is so ready for School to start.  As I have stated before I have anxiety. This time of year always has me flustered, all these issues have my anxiety going crazy.  I have been trying to focus on crafty projects and keeping busy.   My anxiety is making it difficult to focus, almost frozen. Unable to get much accomplished. I have been doing the bare minim in every aspect of my life. I am sure I have moved in to depressed territory. I make lists when I feel overwhelmed. I have made at least two a day this week. I decided today to make a gratitude list to help pull myself put of this.   This is today’s list.

  • CBD- Because it is my life line.
  • Water
  • leftover soup that hit the spot.
  • a napping Baby T-REX


Love mommatrex signoff


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