Sorry Not Sorry

I feel like I should be in confession. “Forgive me blog it has been 12 days since my last blog.”  Sorry Not Sorry.

Today was the first day of school!!! Which means all the little T-REX Children have returned to their natural habitat. This Momma T-REX is spent. It is going to take a while to get myself back going. I made Daddy T-Rex take the day off of work so he could play Momma and I could be off duty. Well as all Moms know that very hard to do with the children around. We dropped them off together, early I might add. Because I was ready.

Baby T-REX Stayed at his Head Start because we felt like the smaller class size, the same teachers would be best for him. He walked right in and went to play could careless about us. The Teachers have been so supportive and understanding. He PEED on a tree outside. If this had happened at “Normal” school it would have been a big deal, not a big deal. Grateful for them.

Won’t hear from the big T-REXs until later. Sister T-REX has CHEER so we won’t see her until 5:30. Bubba T-REX will be home about normal time. Daddy T-REX is handling that all.

I had Breakfast with Friends. Drank way to much coffee, ate all the sugar and carbs. It was very relaxing. Much needed. Next week I will start work. I say that like I haven’t been but I mean more like I will go in to the office more then 1 day a week.

I am relying on my planner more now then ever. Without it I couldn’t keep it all together. I have redone my planner to give me more overall control and more of what I think I need. I have set a weekly goal to be on here everyday. Even if it is a few days a week, it’s a improvementLove mommatrex signoff.


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