Reefer Madness

This post is completely different then what I normally talk about. My Home, Oklahoma has became a medical Cannabis State. I personally am thrilled, well I was. Here is the thing. *Drags out soap box*

People I love dearly need Cannabis. Not just one person, not just dying relative. My husband has chronic back pain, it started in 2009. He has tried every pill known to man, even those patched that are taking lives. Like those people you hear about he became addicted. The thing about addiction is sometime you don’t realize you have a problem. It was a battle, the doctor felt like he was fine and did not have a problem for the longest time.    “Doctor knows best.”  I was loosing my husband, he was becoming a shell of himself. I didn’t know what to do, fight after fight. I don’t believe that he could see it. Something clicked, it was like he woke up. He saw what I was struggling with, my worry. I know how lucky we are that this shift happened. Once you realize you have a problem then comes research. We knew he had to slowly go off of them, but how? First he tried Kratom, while it helped. It was to expensive and hard to get at the time. His Brother has epilepsy, that he has been keeping in check for years with Cannabis. A High CBD low THC  blend (has even done jail time for using it, which is a whole other angry rant). With this knowledge my husband says it’s worth a try to see if it can help get him clean. You read these stories about people who use it to get off heroin., you know results may very. I didn’t know if he was going to be lucky.

It was a night and day difference. He skipped his last scheduled month of Opoids. He was off of everything. Cannabis saved his life, it brought my husband back to me. He is still using it daily to treat his chronic pain, he is alert and active. He is not a stoner, he is no this is medical use. He is the man I married again, he is the father he wants to be for our Children.  He is himself again.

Oklahoma Doctors are refusing to give patients referrals for medical Cannabis. The local Doctor said they went to a medical board seminar where they were told if they gave any referrals they would loose their licences, that the DEA would burst into their homes and arrest them. REEFER MADNESS! I am angry. They are pulling people off of their pills and telling them to just deal with it, refusing to help them. Withdraw from Opoids is painful and cruel. It makes them look for alternatives which can lead them to harder drugs. If they are lucky enough to find cannabis they still become criminals for using medicine.   I lack the words for how angry and upset this makes me. I am Thankful that there are Clinics popping up, but I feel like they are price gouging and taking advantage of these people. What choice do they have? Pay or risk getting arrested. I think the reason I am so angry is that everyone thinks that people who use Cannabis are lazy stoners, when really they are your friends and family, they are productive members of your community. They are in fear of loosing everything to use a medicine that makes them feel better, that works for them.  If that doesn’t make you a little mad too, maybe you should do some soul searching.

****Now I am not saying Cannabis is for everyone but I also don’t feel like it is nearly as dangerous as improperly used Drugs. I do not believe you should ever drive on any medication, you should not use cannabis in the same room as your children.

*Still angry climbing off my soap box


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