My cleaver plan to make more time to write has been over shadowed by house work, running children around, work, overall life. What can you do life happens.

Sister T-REX has been struggling, looks like Bullying has gotten the best of her. Then Strep kicked her around for a few days. She is slowing getting back to her grumpy self.

Baby T-REX has been practicing his ninja skills, and pooping his pants.

Bubba T-TEX has taken up the Xylophone. He was going to play the Trombone but there were to many kids play it and he tested high on percussion. Pretty Proud of him.

Daddy T-REX is working double time working on 788.

I am just juggling the best I can, trying to keep up with everyone. Stress baking where I can. We have had a week of rain. A few days of sunshine, everything is still mud. It has disrupted my daily jogging routine. Really baking is all I have to relive stress. No one is minding the abundance of baked goods.

Made a little time to fix my logo, she is way more what I had in mind. She is so cute.  Daddy T-REX has requested his own. new logoLove


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