Baby T-REX’s school had a parent meeting last night. Last year Sister T-REX broke her arm so I didn’t make it. I went so I could know what was going on and in the spirit of being more involved. Only two other Moms showed up. Disappointing turn out to say the least.

It made me think about how many times I don’t show up for school stuff. I need to do better. Then the I need to do better spills over into every aspect of my life, then overwhelmed by how much I suck. Lets be real. I am doing fine. My house isn’t trashed, kids all have their activities, all my work for the paper is getting done. I am booking pictures here and there. I really am not doing so bad. I could write way more, and my cookbook is slow going but it’s going. Any movement, no matter how small is movement. Overall I just need to be nicer to myself.

We talk about self care like its big things, sometimes it is as simple as being nice to yourself in your head. My self care is my photography. I’ve let it spill over where I am doing photos I don’t want to., all the fun was sucked out. I took a big step back, and just let it go back to being a hobby. Which is where I am now. If it doesn’t being me joy, I am not going to do it.

These brought me lots of JOY yesterday. How cute is this little guy? when he kept moving by the Hello sign, I just knew he was there waiting for me. I was Grateful.



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