Friday Night Lights

*If you are southern then this post makes complete sense. I’m not into football culture. Since Sister T-REX does Cheer I have been forced to learn. I still know nothing, I just clap and holler when they say my peoples names. YAY SPORTS**

Last Friday I went to watch my friends son play. The bigger T-REX Children wanted to see the band. Which means it was a activity that hit all the family criteria. Timing, 7:30 after everyone is home. Location, here in town. Its semi cheap.  Something for everyone. Even got Daddy T-REX to come.

I only promise one game if the kid asks. This was his game. This kid has busted ass to start so we had to make it to this game. We only lasted till half time, which for a family that isn’t into football I think is pretty good.


I am very proud of this kid! He is becoming his own man, all while being true to himself. It’s not something you see much of with today’s youths.

Don’t look for Society to give you permission to be yourself. – Steve Maraboli


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