I have been swamped in work. I might have to split this into 2 posts.

First… This happened at Sister’s school. According to the interwebz this scum somehow got hired at the school with a record. While it all looks like small stuff I would think this would be a red flag. There are lots of mad parents.

Rumors. I heard from another parent that there were girls in his class who he had made comments to and other students had been harassing them about these comments. We live in a world where our President openly jokes about sexual assault. I am not surprised that no one spoke up about this behavior in class. This Girl who told her parents/ Who’s parents were on top of her phone (because I don’t know which was the cause of this coming to light). If he had gotten away with this, he would have kept going. They prevented it from continuing. They are my heroes.   I will NOT feel bad ever again for not allowing apps, for phone checks, for worrying. Nope, not going to feel bad this is what I need to do to protect her.

This scum is already out. I had to explain to Sister why he could even get out. I had to explain to Bub that boys were not exempt from assault. They are 10, they are to young for this. I am angry, The whole town is angry.


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