Sick Baby T-REX

Other then the scum. We have been busy. My car has been in the shop so to speak so Miimii T-REX has been the savior and helping us out with that. Baby T-REX has been home from school all week. First it was just a virus, but his fever hit 101 so I freaked out. Went to the ER. Strep, Flu all negative, lungs clear. Treating the symptoms wasn’t working.  A visit to our Primary doctor and the ER Doctor had missed looking in his mouth. He has tonsillitis.  Should have taken him to see her right a way. She knows our kids well enough that she never misses anything.  She is the best. Important lesson, when you build a nice doctor-Patient relationship use it, avoid the ER.

Other then sick kid, I am shooting a wedding this weekend. I am super excited and super nervous. I have a love hate relationship with weddings. The love, they are always beautiful and you get to help make memories for a couple. The hate, the hours on your feet, the mass editing, it is a energy suck. This wedding is special. The church is the church my family uses for funerals. This wedding is for family, it was nice to see the church as a happy place.

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