October 15th

Every year on October 15th Women and families light a candle to remember their children.

May 2012, I had a Molar Pregnancy. I light my candle on May 23rd, for the life of my baby. I light a candle on December 23rd for what my life could have been. The whole month of October is women based, from child loss to breast cancer. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is great. The loss of a child is hardest on the mother, but it effects the father’s, children, loved ones too. Anyone who supports her while she cannot stand. In October I think about these people who kept me sane and helped me keep my family going. These people kept my cup filled while it had gaping holes in it. I am so grateful for these cup fillers. I know now how unwell I was mentally for a long while after and these amazing people kept me going.



While this story is not mine. It was written by a woman in my Molar Pregnancy group.



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