How does She DO IT

If you are a Mom, stay at home, working, any Mom really. There is a lot of judgement and it is a struggle to keep up with kids, housework, work, social life. Since I stared working again I am struggling. I have plans to start my own business in the next year and for that to happen I have to work extra hard right now. I am bless that MiiMii T-Rex is my boss and she lets me use my office for all my personal bushiness needs. There is no way I would be able to do this without having this space to think clearly. My house is a mess, my kids are still thriving, loving me even if they are getting less of me. The person who is really carrying me is Daddy T-Rex. He never complains, works his full time job and comes home and helps pick up.

My question is How do these amazing Mothers do it? I think they have help. Daycare, after school programs, School buses, house keepers, family, community. The village maybe smaller but it is still there. I need to learn how to tap into these resources as I start to need them.

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