Productive Weekend of cleaning house, finally put away Christmas! Which led to a semi productive Monday morning. Grocery shopping for the week, paid bills, put gas in the car. All those things that just have to get done. Picked up Baby T-REX from school. Had a discussion about his IEP meeting coming up. I received a heads up, that he failed his speech. Which I am happy about. How Fucked is that? You are suppose to want your kid to excel and I do but I am worried he will fall behind. I want that IEP in place to help keep him on track, to help remind the teachers that he struggles. It’s not something I think he will need forever but for now it gives me comfort.

Took a snuggle nap with Baby T-REX. He needed a nap in the worst way.  Now he is up and playing. Sister T-REX had detention, Math is hard. It;s getting chilly out and I am enjoying a lovely cup of tea. This cold reminds me of our storm a few weeks ago.


I took these icy photos when the storm was in full effect. Kids were home from school. Other then I was ready for them to go back to school it was a nice day. Oklahoma can’t seam to make up her mind about the weather. 60 to 40 back and forth. It has Daddy T-REX freezing and lighting a fire every night. It’s almost like crisp fall weather without that fall smell. I love that smell, ❤

new logolove


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