snotty kids

I use to think I was pretty healthy. I hardly got sick. Then I had my oldest, who brought all kinds of germs home and I’d get sick a bit. Then Baby T-REX started school. You know where this is going. Yeah I spent Thursday-Monday sick. When someone coughs in your face apparently you get sick a lot.

Why is there not a sanitizing body spray?? Like seriously all the Moms would buy it. Sick happens we know but it’s hard for us to bounce back. We are responsible for these little people, we have houses to run (or we have jobs), dinner to make, booboos to kiss. We have no time to be in bed for 3 days. If you really love your sick partner make dinner, keep the kids alive and keep them from destroying the house. Let them rest.

I was sick for 5 Days, it will take a full 7 plus to get our home back in working order. You think I don’t do much, until its not getting done.

Take your vitamins, Stay healthy

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