Happy Anniversary

6209 Days ago, 17 years ago I Started my life with my husband. When a couple has been together this long there is this impression that they have the perfect relationship. I thought I should make it clear that is never the case.

  1. We are two individuates, who choose everyday to work together to keep our marriage working. Some days we don’t even like each other.
  2. We Fight! I know shocking. We work really hard at verbalizing our feelings and to not own the other persons feelings.
  3. Laugh, I feel like this is the secret to our marriage. No matter what he can make me laugh. We don’t take anything seriously, we joke about everything.
  4. We try to talk about everything, even the uncomfortable or gross stuff.
  5. We pause ourselves for our children. It is hard to balance kids and still make time for each other. Sometimes we don’t get the best of each other. I believe the kids are only small once. Baby T-REX is four he needs more time then Sister T-REX who is 10. We are looking forward to when she can babysit and we can have date night.
  6. Love is in the details. Small acts of love go along way. Example, he warms up my car. I make his favorite foods.
  7. This should go without saying, don’t CHEAT!


We met when we were 16, we have grown up together. He is not the boy I married, he has changed into a Man who puts his family first. He is the best father to our children. He is Boss who handles his business, comes home and helps with homework and laundry. When he is tired and just spent, somehow he manages to find the strength to give a little more.  I couldn’t think of a better partner to continue to grow with, he is the only person to know what I am made of (literally), He is my HOME.

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