a lifetime

I know it has not been that long but it feels like a lifetime has passed in just a few short weeks… I always wonder where to start these stories. The beginning is about 34 years ago. This is a very long story.

Mii T-REX married Bpop (that is his temp name) then they had Daddy T-REX. They had problems and like most young couples they thought if they relocated that would solve all their problems. That is never true, especially if one of those problems is drugs. They made a go of it for a bit. When drugs are involved it doesn’t take long for things to fall apart. Mii Mii did what she thought was right and came home. Bpop remarried a few times and repeatedly tried to get clean. Checking in here and there.  With the invention of Facebook (thank Zuckerberg) Daddy and Bpop reconnected but Bpop wasn’t ready to give up drugs. He would try to get clean time to time and they would talk but nothing. Honestly Daddy thought he would only lay eyes on his corpus.

The call came… Bpop high on meth had a stroke and fell. He was told he was going to die. Daddy became responsible for all medical decisions. Of course Daddy said do everything you can do, but it was decided that there wasn’t anything that could be done. Bpop was either going to survive or pass.  There is a 10% survival rate for the kind of stroke he had. Bpop has a step daughter who is a bit older then Daddy and she was there, Daddy and her hardly know each other. She knew how far it was and daddy couldn’t make it there.  She didn’t feel like Bpop would make it either.  Days went by and drama of course followed. Somehow Bpop was sitting up in bed and feeding himself in a matter of days. It feels like this a lifetime movie, this can’t be real. IT IS REAL!

At the end of the month he will be getting in the U Haul with Daddy and be making the drive HOME. Sometime you think its it end of the story but really it is just a new chapter.

He is SOBER and is talking to both of his kids everyday.  I am so grateful for this Blessing.

new logolove

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