Hello October!! Fall is here!! Oklahoma is a little wishy washy about leaving summer behind. Since school started we have been running on empty. Up till last week I still had my cough. $500 seems to be the magic number to make illness go away.  2 rounds of steroids and 2 rounds of antibiotics, an inhaler and cough pills to finally get where I am just coughing every once in a while. Yes when open enrollment open I am getting a plan.  BeBop is here and driving me a little crazy.  Daddy is still working like crazy, one project ends and he starts 2 more. Sister is enjoying her home school, she is a little behind but she is grinding to keep up.  She stopped seeing her therapist because she no longer needed to. Baby T-REX somehow adjusted great into school and his teachers adore him. He also stopped seeing his therapist and it looks like he will no longer need his IEP after Christmas Break.

Things have just been scooting a long. I am exhausted, wake up, work/school work, pick up Baby T-REX, home to clean and make dinner, eat and dishes then pass out. Sunday has become the only day we have to get things done and have people over. Look out here comes Thanksgiving, Yule, Christmas and I am tired just thinking about it. I need a mini vacation before all of that starts.

The light at the end of the tunnel is that fingers crossed Football is almost over and then we are having the cheer party so we can enjoy a girls night with all the cheer girls. I know it will be worth all the time, this is the last party I get to throw for them. It makes me a little sad. I am going to miss them more than I thought I would. I am grateful for sister to get this experience.

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