Hello November

HELLO NOVEMBER!!! November is about gratitude. I’m not sure everyone’s friends on facebook do this but mine do. Everyday they list something they are grateful for and why. Seams to get everyone in the thankful mode before the holidays. It is a nice little positive on facebook.

I am Grateful for FALL!!!

Who doesn’t love Fall. Sweaters, scarfs, boots, coffee, cute mugs, pumpkins, soups, snuggling up with a good book or just snuggling up with a dog. I love fall. I love how beautifully the leaves fall. I always feel like fall is the beginning of changes. Why else would nature show us how pretty change can be?  All these trees letting part of themselves die just to grow and bloom in the spring. It’s magical. Who doesn’t need a little magic in their life.  Fall is normally when our local football is winding down. It is now time to focus on school work and getting ready for the holidays. In our house I have always hated Thanksgiving. When I was younger my Grandfather passed away the week before thanksgiving, so all these people we never saw stayed for Thanksgiving. That really bothered me. That is not what Thanksgiving is about. I’m already here so I’ll stay for dinner. It’s about getting together with people you love and enjoying a meal together. I always just skipped it, but when my other Grandfather was on Hospice it became important to have a house full of people especially on the holidays. While I still am not a big fan of Thanksgiving we now host Dinner. I am not saying I don’t cry and it isn’t hard. I think about how much they both loved to eat and be with people. I push through and do my best to make sure everyone is well feed and no one is lonely.  I feel like I am honouring them both and showing them my gratitude.


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