Christmas Anxiety

Christmas Anxiety, like regular Anxiety only festive and not so joyus.

There is something about Christmas where everyone I know likes to add things to my to do pile. It seams like the more I get done the more that gets added. Both my Brother and I have this thing where we like events planned out and we can not stand to be late for anything. Great habits brought to you by Trauma. We don’t like last minute, I might be worse than him when it comes to planning. I like every single thing planned out, from food to activities. I am very OCD about it, it helps with my anxiety to have everything planned out. It makes me feel like I have some semblance of control of the events.

While Christmas went well, there was still anxiety attacks with juggling the kids, events and everything that has to be done in running a household, plus work.  Managing everything always takes a toll on me and I end up sick. Then forced rest, which means the house falls apart in this cycle of trying to get my shit together. Mommin isn’t easy

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