Hello January

Hello January #hellonovember Hello January

Here it is almost the end of January and I am just now writing. Getting back into the swing of life is becoming more of a struggle. Baby T-REX has been having a crying fit everyday we drop him off at school. It is really taking it’s toll on me. I have also been sick, I went down with the stomach flu, then Flu B, got over it and it settled into my lungs, sinus and ear infection. Self care people! When you are trying to keep a routine and keep everyone going you put yourself on the bottom of the pile. You forget about yourself and just go through the motions.

As a act of self care I spent the day with Mii-Mii T-REX and made all the yummy food that no one at my house wants to eat. Grandpa T-REX is on a heart healthy diet which isn’t that big of a change to our normal diet, but he doesn’t like vegetarian or doesn’t seem to like anything I like to make as healthy dinner. He is always whining that there isn’t meat or this needs this or that. Basically the most annoying thing ever when you are being as accommodating as possible and trying to keep them alive, while trying to increasing his heart function. I make all the yummy things I love to eat, I just cooked, baked, enjoyed Crime Junkie podcasts, long strolls to the bathroom alone. So Mom stuff. It was wonderful.

Capres Mushroom


Blueberry Turnovers



Savory Onion Tarts
Cheesy Spinach Pinwheels
Cucumber Bites


I decided at the beginning of January that this was the year of NO! Which for me means saying no to people pleasing and no to running myself ragged. Being sick for the first part is probably going to help me stay with this. I am learning I need to make space for myself, which saying just sounds weird.  It should be second nature to care for ourselves but I feel like I have forgotten that I even exist. I push past all of my needs and don’t take the time to do things like drink water.  I know other moms struggle with this, it is normal, but it shouldn’t be normal.

new logolove

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