selfishI told myself I would write everyday even if it was just a few lines.

I am hopped up on cough medicine, I’ve got two days worth of antibiotics to finish and I can’t seem to kick this cough. When Mom is sick nothing gets done. I have only missed one day of work from being sick and one  from Martin Luther King day since there was no school.  I am pretty proud that I have powered through being sick, I am sure if I took the time to rest I would already be over this. Who has time for that? Not me!

Trying this whole new better habits thing.

My goals for this month are:

Write everyday

Bake something Yummy once a week

Read a chapter a day

Drink Water!!!

Remember to wash my face every night

Spend 15 minutes with my planner each day

Watch more TedTalks

Eat more Veggies and Fruit

make a coffee nook space for myself

Work on creating a better after school routine

Feels like these are big small changes that will be helpful and doable.  Selfcare shouldn’t be so hard. I have been watching my 600 lb life on Hulu and I see how lack of self love just destroys these people. Watching them overcome their emotional issues to creating a new life for themselves is really inspirational. Taking that and using it to motivate myself to work on self love for myself.  It is important for my children to see me make space for myself so they don’t fall into this pattern of forgetting to care for themselves.

new logolove


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