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I have been talking about all this selfcare and how I am struggling to care for myself. I feel I should also say We are doing Marriage care. We don’t have time to date because of the Kids and the father in-law, our work, life gets in the way. Daddy T-REX has a odd schedule, he works Friday to Tuesday. Works Wednesday at his second job. I work a traditional schedule. How can you make time with such odd hours? Well I schedule myself as on call on Thursday. Bamb! We have a little time. However we don’t have “alone” time, we can run errands and  do chores together. Keyword here is together.  It has been heavenly. I didn’t realize how much I miss my husband. We spent yesterday doing something different. We did a Couples Float in a salt pool then had a nice lunch and did errands.  It was a perfect, much needed little reconnect. Making this time for each other is important, you put yourself on the back burner and without even realizing it you will do the same with your marriage. As you grow and change so does your spouse and having time to reconnect keeps you growing together not apart.  Self-Growth/Changing is normal, I don’t know about you but I am not the same Girl who married a Boy. We both have grown as people, as parents, and I like who I have grown into and I adore the amazing Man my husband has become. Without time together we wouldn’t have a clue who the other is becoming and would grow apart.

I am so grateful for a husband who wants to grow old with me. He is really my biggest fan and support. The driving force behind me even having the opportunity to make space for myself.  It truly a blessing to have someone who actually sees you and every little thing you do. Having that support means I can do more for my family.

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