Getting My Chair

My goal of Blogging everyday has failed miserably, but the goal of writing more has been achieved. I went with a friend and we interviewed our idol and her equally amazing husband for a Magazine that my company is publishing. I fangirled for days. Later we discovered our writing styles while they complement each other, and finished product they blend well, our creative processes doesn’t mix well for us. I feel like our friendship is way more important so I backed off and let her write it. I worked on other things, it seams her version flopped with the editor and while we can still make it happen we missed the deadline for the Spring Issue. I’m a little broken hearted because I know how interesting and amazing this could be, I worked on this for 3 weeks. I wrote a accompanying piece that since the first didn’t fit won’t make it either.


Unfortunately sometimes things do not work out how we want them to. We have to go back to the drawing board and rework it. A year ago this probably would make me quit and never want to write again. I really feel like I am in a place where I can’t quit my Daughter is watching and waiting to see me succeed. She has even been helping around the house to ensure I had more time to work. Quitting isn’t an option now, I have put myself out there even more.  As of late She has been pushing to put herself out there too, is it because she sees me stepping out of my box? I can’t say for sure if it is related. If she can put herself out there then I must show her the way. Which brings me back to my Idol,  who I feel unbeknownst to her is showing me the way to have it all. She had children at home, kept the books for her husband successful sign business , folded laundry and wrote. Not only having 12 pieces out at once, but 7 rejection letters in a day, and still writing . Hearing her talk about how she made things happen for herself. All these words motivate me to push myself and I know things are never easy if you want them, it requires hard work, dedication, juggling children, spouse and house. We as women have to drag our chair to the table and she is at the table waiting for me.

Pink rosie


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