Day Trip

Took a day trip to Locust Grove, Oklahoma, a while back to visit Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry or ROMP. Shaun Perkins is the Creator of this amazing Museum off the beaten path. Locust Grove isn’t what one expects from small town Oklahoma. The quaint Community sits near the Border of Arkansas. A sleepy little town, reminiscent of days gone by where the town supporting it’s artist. Driving in their downtown, we see a banner for Justice not Roses, which is the exhibit we drove here to see. I think back to all the museums I have been to, most in much bigger towns they all have these banners too. This is a biggest little town, while small, the energy is Bigger than their population on Google. Stop by The County Cottage and get the pie!

I admire that Shaun is, this is me, this is my writing, she wanted to make something and she did it. I love that her community supports her. It is nice to see an example for future generations. Making things happen for yourself. Even if you are not a poetry fan you have to admire. If there is a will, there is a way. I know I need to see more of that in my life.


Also my Daughter can’t put the book down. She is enthralled by these women of the past, who like Shaun went out and made things happen. Even if the change they wanted didn’t happen, they pushed for the Freedoms that we now enjoy to day.





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