End of the world as we know it

At some point in your life you have felt like your world was over. Obviously it did not end, you are here reading this now. Much like the song, it’s the end of the world as we know it. (Found here) Right now in the world we all feel like life as we know it is over. In part that is true, the normal day to day is changing. Most schools are cancelled until April 6th, parents are scrambling to get childcare, groceries, and most still working. It is a strange, difficult time for anyone who is not in that doesn’t fall into that “tax bracket”. There is light in these dark places, small kindnesses are going a long way. Of course there are those who are buying all the toilet paper and leaving none for anyone else.

I’d like to say in my small town everything is sunshine and lollipops. Our Community leaders are doing a wonderful job and catching flack left and right. People risking their health and their families health. Yet people are cursing and treating them less than human for things they have no control over and they still show up because they know they are essential to out community no matter how badly they are being treated.

I don’t want anyone to think that our town is just a asshole fest, it is not! In fact that light I mentioned before is shining bright locally. While the schools are closed the schools are offering drive up meals for the children so no child will be left hungry. The senior center is doing the same. The local government, local radio station, local papers are all trying to keep everyone informed but entertained while they stay home. The internet is booming with tips on helping keep kids busy and not just watching TV. People are returning to the older way of life, Cooking, board games, puzzles. Reconnecting to their friends and family. The world is at our finger tips and we must take advantage of that. Use this to stay connected in these scary times.

No one is happy about staying home, but it is the right thing to do. I can not stress this enough WASH YOUR HANDS!

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