“Speak to your children as if they are the wisest, kindest, most beautiful and magical humans on earth, for what they believe is what they will become” – Brooke Hampton

The local school put together packets for the Preschoolers. I have to say they looked like they had taken every safety precaution. Baby T-REX has no desire or want to do anything in that packet. Sister has been doing school work this whole time, She can’t risk falling behind. 6th grade vs Prekindergarten I guess. **Deep breaths** As long as they are learning something they will be okay. They are still reading, drawing and eating, in my case writing and gardening. The kids will be alright. As a family I think we have spent more time outside during this time then we have in a long time. Our backyard is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite place to just be. We have cleaned up about 90% of it, one more good work day and we will have it in ship shape. Working outside has given us the normal we crave. With Children who are active it is so hard to to keep them from wanting to go-go, driving around looking for teddy bears and getting happy hour drinks from Sonic helps. Not something I want to do everyday, only enough that they feel like we aren’t stuck at home.

Yesterday I had to go to the store, I left the children at home with Grandpa. I received mass texts and videos. Sister took it upon herself to keep him entertained without TV or YouTube. Let me start off with, some days she drives me crazy. Yesterday I was grateful. They spent hours chalking my porch. Sweet little pictures of sunflowers and our family. My heart needed it, especially while I was out in public with people who still aren’t wearing face masks. Chalk brought the whole family so much joy yesterday.

The future maybe unclear as we navigate this new life. One thing we will be following the children’s lead, making more time for playing and art. We as adults talk about listening to our gut feelings, blah blah. When children tell us what they need we assume they don’t know what they need, because they are small and haven’t lived as long as we have. **shaking my Head** WRONG!!! They are more in-tuned with their needs then we ever will because they are currently living on that primal need basis and we are not. That reminder brought to you by Chalk.

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