Sunday service in my household was an hour of gardening, had to get more in the ground before the storms Monday. The garden has been my solace, a place to give my anxiety to the earth. For breakfast I made Cinnamon Swirl French toast, feeding my family fills my cup. We listened to The Avett Brothers preach their message of love. That was our Church for the week. It couldn’t have been a more lovely morning.

The wind of change brings a different kind of day. There is no giving this to the earth. My heart hurts, I think of all the effort to flatten the curve everyone I know has done. Now everything is to open up. Will it undo everything? The morning was just a delay in all this worry. Hearing that the death in Payne county in a Cushing resident undoes all the garden therapy. My eye swell at the thought of the outside world. I keep thinking, am doing any good by self-isolating? The world is a turning and I hope my staying home I am giving her a little boost in healing.

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