well that happened

I have been debating on if I should even talk about this or not. I can’t be the only one out there that this happened to during the pandemic.

….. I got Fired.

First thing, I have NEVER been fired in my whole life. That alone is a whole different thing for me to deal with. Second thing, the paper was owned by a large Company that owns so many papers. I won’t say the name. They are in financial trouble, they closed multiple papers that day. We were just a bucket of water they dumped while trying to bail out their boat. I can be calm about it now that I have had time to breath and get in my right mind. Time to see them trying to save other papers, I know it wasn’t personal now.

We had so many plans for this next year. While we knew the pandemic was going to push our plans back and things were going to be tight. This was unexpected. Fortunately for me my co-workers are not the lay down and die kind. The Salesman has started a new paper, Oklahoma’s Choice Weekly. It will take time to build and grow. There is a plan and I feel it will grow bigger than what was before, since their is no corporate to keep us limited. No more worries about stepping on a sister’s toes.

Starting over isn’t easy, I’m struggling. Children are home for a extra long summer, I have no office, even if I did the virus makes that difficult. Working from home, like the rest of the world. You may have noticed the change in my page. I am navigating the freelance world while I build social media and newsletters. Collecting new skills to prepare me for the next jump. I don’t know whats next but I want to be more prepared.

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