9 to 5

Humming 9 to 5 by Dolly, drinking cold coffee. I like to grind out my work first thing in the morning so i have the afternoon to get everything that comes up done. Right now working during the day while the rest of the staff is working evenings and weekends is difficult to say the least. New Routines all around, unfortunately it means I spend a good amount of time twiddling my thumbs because I don’t have blah from blah. Which means I am running a day behind on everything. It is a odd disconnect working at home.

You think…..

  • I’ll have all my work done, I don’t.
  • I’ll have a super clean house, I don’t.
  • I’ll make every meal from scratch, I’m about half of the time on this one.
  • I’ll have my children home schooled better than school did, Okay I really never even thought this one because my children’s teachers are my heroes and I dare not compete.
  • I’ll have so much time to paint, I have the time lack the motivation.

I know I am not alone in this work from home stumbling. I know others who are grinding a way at it, I am envious. I miss having an office with a door I can close. At home if I don’t wear head phones, from my dinning table/desk I am over stimulated by B’s phone noise while he chain smokes, Baby T-REX playing Mine craft, Sister doing School work. Kills my focus. I miss coffee with co-workers, I even miss hearing them complain about each other.

Now that I have made myself sad.

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