I have no words for the past few weeks, just a broken heart. I am a White woman. While I don’t consider myself privileged, we are a pay check to pay check family. I do believe I have white privilege. I have always tried to use my voice for those in the minority. I’m not sure I am even explaining myself well. I was pro Gay before the LGBTQ+ movement was big, I have been for equal right for all my whole life. I want the paying field level for all. I felt like I was doing enough. Watching George Floyd murdered, hearing him cry out for his Momma, made me realize I haven’t done nearly enough. I am a mother, while I am not every ones mother, I am a mother. I should be using my White privilege, mother’s Voice for more. I need to be more involved. I always though that raising my children as allies was the biggest thing I could do. I realize now that they need to see me as a active ally. That standing behind or beside isn’t enough, if they were my children I would stand in front. Why am I not doing that for them now? Because I am busy is a shitty excuse. When the call for emails and phone calls come, I will make the time and I will enlist my children to help.

This is Oklahoma’s Black lives matter Chapter, visit their facebook page for more information and how you can get involved. https://www.facebook.com/blacklivesmatterokc/

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