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The second wave of covid-19 is in Oklahoma. With all the misinformation going around masks have not been worn, social distance isn’t happening, everyone is tired of it all. Instead of buckling down and keep distance, unfortunately life went back to normal. The whole theory of summer stopping it and giving everyone a break clearly was a bad theory.

In our home we have been doing our best to keep social distancing and wear our masks out in public. My children keep seeing people living their best lives out in the world like nothing ever happened. Explaining to them that it isn’t over and we still have to be safe, over and over. When in Walmart , I seen more people without masks then with. They put arrows on the floors and no one pays any attention to them. I could understand before when they only had painter tape on the ground, but they got them specially made.

Could not be more clear

In the mean time I will stay home with my children, dogs and garden where it is safe.

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