The Everyday

We get busy living in the mundane and forget about the joys of life. I am guilty, so guilty. I am busy learning new skills for websites, while the children are busy growing and destroying the house. We had to take a break for Father’s Day weekend. We went to the lake and had a lazy few days. Relaxed, burnt our shoulders and noses. Spent our time snacking and talking about everything and nothing at the same time. A nice little break before we dive back into the workweek made plans with my favorite brother to camp for the 4th of July.

Diving back in to work on Monday, I think I’ve had more coffee then I have food this week. I can’t imagine why I never feel good. While I have been pushing to check things off my to-do list, it hasn’t gotten any shorter. The children have broken their YouTube habits! They have discovered “Good Burger” which is the best thing ever. Working in the evenings we have been honing our vinyl skills. We keep making things for around the house, everything must have a label. I haven’t started monogramming everything yet. Everyone we know will probably get something we made this year, just so we can practice. 

When working with your spouse time flies. I think that might be the joy in the everyday. We get started on a project and the next thing I know it is bedtime. Slowly we are learning what we need to. The garage office set up is slow going, which means we are set up at the kitchen table. I’m too embarrassed by the mess otherwise I would show you all. The kitchen table is also my work office, with COVID picking back up it may be a long time before I get a real office. I am interested to see if the garage office is done before we get a work office. It is a race to see which office is done first. ** shaking my head** I swear I am grateful to need an office. I am excited to be able to put my computer to sleep and stop at a reasonable hour and go home. Or stop a project and not have to spend more time putting it up and being able to pick it back up. A girl has a nice dream. I am hoping that by Christmas I will have at least one office, two would have me tickled pink.

Find the Joy, it is waiting for you.

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