it’s hard you know

A question of COVID or Chagas disease? If you have never heard of Chagas, me either. In fact, I didn’t know kissing bugs were real. They ARE! Monday the T-REX was bit by what my husband called an assassin bug. We gave him allergy meds and cream on it. He was fine. Tuesday he had diarrhea, but diet change from going back to school. Then Friday after school He told us that his teacher said he didn’t have to wear his mask in the classroom. Yes, I was livid. Friday night, he was complaining of a sore throat and sore legs. Saturday, full-on flu symptoms, he didn’t want to eat anything (which anyone with a 6-year-old will tell you is sick behavior). No fever until 5 o’clock. 100.5 which is still very low so we let it run. Took him to urgent care and got a rapid COVID test done along with the flu, strep. All negative. We go home and it was suggested we look into Chagas disease because of his bug bite.

To his doctor, Monday. Most parents have held their children down for shots, flu tests. It is normal in a parents world. It comes with the territory. Holding My son down for his second COVID test however, doesn’t feel normal. It feels like my biggest failure as a parent broke my heart. It was suggested COVID because it was more likely. Given antibiotics and steroids because his ears looked red. Gave us an order for the Chagas test, but I can’t in good conscience take him to the hospital until we get the results.

***Deep breath*** It is only Wednesday. The wait is killing me. I am doing my best to stay busy. The only thing that has improved is his appetite. I am back to working from home. Deep cleaning the house in stages so I don’t make a huge mess trying to clean. Life has to go on, I know that. It is hard and everyone is new to this. Things will get better.

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