Kindness through the tears

Things my 12 year old shouldn’t have to worry about.

  1. If her friends will survive the school year without getting sick.
  2. That she just isn’t good enough.
  3. Family surviving COVID.
  4. People hating her for who she loves.
  5. If the president will protect her rights.
  6. Will her friends of color be safe.
  7. Her friends committing suicide.

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Our poor children are struggling with more then COVID, and I have been asking myself if I am giving them the support they need. I grew up in the ’90s 2000s, her current fears weren’t mine. Are we creating the next generation of uncaring people? I would like to think I am raising kind, empathetic children. We work hard on kindness. 

My daughter has anxiety, I worry her fear will outweigh her heart. Today she showed who she was. She had a friend say they were leaving the earth today. My heart breaks for this kid. No support at home due to his sexuality. I was at work, she was at home. My husband was getting ready to leave. She is in tears calming her friend down. Calls him and helps him find his way. Her heart is stronger than her fear. I am proud of her. 

Realizing how much our children are dealing with is eye-opening. If your children don’t have any of these worries, congratulations! I don’t think it says anything good. These worries are just off the top of my head, I know she has more. I can’t take these fears away. We can show our children how to navigate these fears with kindness. 

Kindness is the way, even when it is hard. 

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