Still going…

While it has been a minute since I have had time to sit and write. We are all still going with the flow.

Updates: My T-REX has started visiting with his therapist. His teacher couldn’t understand why we were having her come. She explained we are proactive parents and he hates school right now so she was there to help him process these changes. We had a parent teacher meeting on the phone. Apparently he is great at school and has made fast friends with his tablemates.

How cute is this face!!

Sister’s friend is doing better, they are talking a few times a week. She went back on her anxiety meds. This year has been hard on her and her teacher has 50 students & no in person meeting has her a little stressed. I think all the changes are getting to her too.

Sister and her Chicken

Husband put in his notice at work and is going to come work at the paper with me full time. This is stressful and exciting for us. He has some medical issues and his current work schedule is the worst for appointments. This shift will give him a chance to go to the doctor and have time at home.

Harvesting His Meds

Monday( September 28th) I got my official diagnosis. No surprise it is Lupus. I am lucky my primary doctor knew what was going on, she had all the test already ordered so it was a pretty fast diagnosis. Started Hydroxychloroquine (aka the Trump Drug) & Duloxetine ( an anti-depressant that is commonly used for lupus) on Monday. The doctor said we need to watch for more symptoms while we wait for these to work. Could be 9 weeks.

3 pills to change my life

Just like everyone, we are just going. If we stop for to long we will fall apart.

So that’s the dissenter’s hope: that they are writing not for today but for tomorrow.-RBG

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