Goodbye 2020

Whew what a year 2020 was. I am so grateful to be starting a new year with my family, I know many do not have the same luxury. I do not take this for granted.

My little T-REX went back to school to day and stomach is full of fear. My oldest is on anti-depressants, 2020 has been very hard on them. I keep thinking about the struggle of it all, it is easy to loose sight of all the great things that have happened this year. I don’t want to dwell, so here is my top 10 good things that happened to my family.

  1. I started a NEW Job and I get paid to write! Like that has been my goal for years now.
  2. T-REX finally adjusted to glasses and now his eyes are officially no longer getting worse every visit! That’s pretty big for being 6!
  3. We had a garden, we increased our chicken flock. Husband is enjoying the heck out of them everyday and already planning our spring garden.
  4. Sister has developed a nice little following on their Instagram for Art. Kinda a Big Deal to a 12 year old.
  5. Husband while still super stressed is finally getting control of his anxiety and managing the physical side effects.
  6. I started my health journey. While I don’t feel great everyday, I think the fact that it is happening is a positive.
  7. Grandpa and his dogs got their own little house.
  8. We cleaned out our garage, that alone deserves a gold star.
  9. T-REX sleeps in his own room!
  10. We spent time together, from board games to movies. We just hung out together.

For every bad thing that directly happened to us, something okay-ish, good, wonderful came from it. While it was a struggle, 2020 taught me to be more selfish and selfless.

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