Am I alone? I have a box full of drafts. I start these posts then I have to go do something and by the time I get around to finishing them, it is a week later and it makes no since in posting. Before I blamed it on busy, even now it is like I just get busy. *smacks forehead* This isn’t a habit I am proud of, I’m working on it. My mind is a bit muddled. I just got back on my Lupus meds, takes 3 weeks to get the full effect, I’m on week two. It has been all I can do to keep up with my work.

Next Friday I get to bend my leg! I have probably never been more anxious and ready for a doctors appointment. I am ready to walk, drive, clean my house. Each day I add something to my list of things I am ready to do. With summer coming that list keeps getting bigger. Only 2 weeks of school left for one kid and I need to be up and moving to help keep him busy.

When you aren’t a ask for help person and something like this happens. I think it is important take note of who shows up without being asked. My Sister in-law has been here every chance she has, picking Little T-REX from school, coming to sit with me since I can’t be alone. My favorite festival was at the start of April, she went to get my favorite pie. I was blessed when my brother married her.

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