SUMMER is coming

 Like all mom’s I am in a panic. 18 days left of school, how are we going to survive the summer? I am a planner, I love a schedule. My husband’s company is working on a new venture, which means I’m on my own. My son needs routine, the slightest upset can send him into tears. All while my daughter loves to sleep in, lazy days. I love that about her but that doesn’t work with little brother.

  I am currently working on a Cheer bake sale, which will continue on and off all summer long trying to raise money for uniforms. I have been Pintresting my heart out as a nice distraction from the busy and end of school looming. How am I ever going to make a schedule out of this mess? Well frankly I have no idea 😂. I am determined to make the best of it.

My plan of action!

  • Find out the local libraries schedule, our library normally has a wonderful summer reading program that lasts a month.

  • Pick a Birthday party day! Both children have summer birthdays, having them help make decorations could fill some time with something productive.

  • Camping. We love to camp, and we love to camp with friends. Picking out a few weekends of camping can keep everyone busy.

  • Ice cream and park dates with friends.  Simply the cheapest and best way to pass a afternoon.

  • Make fun t shirt’s to wear when we go on outings. Makes it easier to find them in a crowd. Here is my shirt design.

Of course I will have to plan crafts for myself, I have tons of things I need made for around the house. Having a plan always puts my anxiety at ease.


   Momma T-rex

A little about myself

I always wonder where to start when asked to tell someone about myself or even my family. Let us start with facts.

1. I am 30 something.

2. I have been married for 12 years now to my better half.

3. We have a Daughter who is 8 going on 24.

4. We also have a little boy who is 3.

5. I always feel like there is a place saved for our baby we lost.

6. We live in a smallish town in Oklahoma.

7. I am a stay at home Mum, Photographer, Crafter, and lover of planners.

8. I have Anxiety, which prevents me from doing somethings.

9. Our daughter is a book Junky who devours books like most people eat candy.

10. Our Son is so smart but has a learning disability.

11. We have 2 dogs, a cat, 2 chickens.

12. My dream is to have a tiny farm.

13. My husband is working on making my dream come true in town or not 🙂

That is the basic facts about my family.


     Momma T-Rex