life is in the details

We get so busy, we forget about the little things. That life is so much bigger than us, or smaller. We forget that there are tiny worlds all around us. We must look for beauty in these little world. Trust me it is there. We need to show our children the world is so muchContinue reading “life is in the details”

Two weeks in review

The past two weeks have been a rush for back to school. Last week We started CHEER, Baby T-REX had 8 caps put on his molars, Both T-REX Children had their eyes checked and of course they needed new glasses. Doctors appointments, Shots for Baby T-REX, Meeting with the school for his intake. Discussing hisContinue reading “Two weeks in review”

Photo Challenge

A Photography Mom I follow, has been doing a photo challenge. I have enjoyed seeing her daily posts. I decided I wanted to do one myself, but I didn’t want to do the same one. Variety is the spice of life. A pinning I went. Pinterest had tons to choose from. I love gratitude, within reason.Continue reading “Photo Challenge”