Anxiety is a thief

We have discussed Anxiety here before. I have always struggled with it, lately I felt I was getting control over it. Like I have been Crushing it! I handled Baby T-REX’s IEP meeting like a boss. I realized I needed to push back my personal business plan, only freaked out about it for a week.Continue reading “Anxiety is a thief”


My cleaver plan to make more time to write has been over shadowed by house work, running children around, work, overall life. What can you do life happens. Sister T-REX has been struggling, looks like Bullying has gotten the best of her. Then Strep kicked her around for a few days. She is slowing gettingContinue reading “Updates”

life is in the details

We get so busy, we forget about the little things. That life is so much bigger than us, or smaller. We forget that there are tiny worlds all around us. We must look for beauty in these little world. Trust me it is there. We need to show our children the world is so muchContinue reading “life is in the details”