Happy Anniversary

6209 Days ago, 17 years ago I Started my life with my husband. When a couple has been together this long there is this impression that they have the perfect relationship. I thought I should make it clear that is never the case. We are two individuates, who choose everyday to work together to keepContinue reading “Happy Anniversary”

How does She DO IT

If you are a Mom, stay at home, working, any Mom really. There is a lot of judgement and it is a struggle to keep up with kids, housework, work, social life. Since I stared working again I am struggling. I have plans to start my own business in the next year and for thatContinue reading “How does She DO IT”


This fall seams to be very lackluster, we are moving into winter. The weather keeps going back and forth, cold to warm, sun filled.  We have settled into a different routine. Sister T-Rex is moody. Bubba T-Rex isn’t doing his home work. Baby T-Rex is probably going to be held back to pre-k. Things in myContinue reading “Lackluster”

Surviving Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is probably my least favorite holiday.  I normally abstain and spend the day watching movies and eating mac ‘n cheese in my Pajamas. My Grandfather (on my mother’s side) died when I was 16 and his funeral was a few days before Thanksgiving. People who we normally never saw stayed for Thanksgiving it justContinue reading “Surviving Thanksgiving”