Day Trip

Took a day trip to Locust Grove, Oklahoma, a while back to visit Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry or ROMP. Shaun Perkins is the Creator of this amazing Museum off the beaten path. Locust Grove isn’t what one expects from small town Oklahoma. The quaint Community sits near the Border of Arkansas. A sleepy littleContinue reading “Day Trip”

Getting My Chair

My goal of Blogging everyday has failed miserably, but the goal of writing more has been achieved. I went with a friend and we interviewed our idol and her equally amazing husband for a Magazine that my company is publishing. I fangirled for days. Later we discovered our writing styles while they complement each other,Continue reading “Getting My Chair”

Wedding and 50 years

A Family member got married October 13th. The special thing about this date is that it was her Grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary. A year ago they started planning this beautiful surprise for her Grandparents. EVERYTHING was kept a secret.  Everything went swimmingly.   50 years is the ultimate couple goal. In a world of divorceContinue reading “Wedding and 50 years”

Friday Night Lights

*If you are southern then this post makes complete sense. I’m not into football culture. Since Sister T-REX does Cheer I have been forced to learn. I still know nothing, I just clap and holler when they say my peoples names. YAY SPORTS** Last Friday I went to watch my friends son play. The biggerContinue reading “Friday Night Lights”